Highlighting the Business Owner’s Guide to Lawsuits in New York

This Blog is to highlight one of the resources that Canales PLLC offers not just to their clients, but to all interested parties: The Business Owner’s Guide to Lawsuits in New York. This resource is available free of charge in the interest of explaining to business owners how the lawsuit process works in New York.

We know that a lawsuit can be a nightmare for a business owner. If you own a small business, especially in New York, especially in the current health pandemic, you have enough on your plate already. When a lawsuit comes your way, most of your time, effort, and money must be redirected towards arguing your side. Furthermore, the lawsuit process is complex and obscure. Navigating it without help is almost impossible, and help can be expensive.

The Business Owner’s Guide to Lawsuits in New York is specifically designed for minority-owned and small businesses that might not immediately have access to legal counsel. As a minority-owned business, Canales PLLC is dedicated to investing in, educating, and supporting the community that surrounds us. If you are running a business that has traditionally not been allocated as many resources to deal with lawsuits, this is intended specifically to help you prepare for what the process is actually like in New York.

The Business Owner’s Guide to Lawsuits in New York provides an overview of what to expect in the business litigation process, including how to respond after being served with a complaint, what to plan for during the discovery phase of your case, how to resolve a case through settlement, summary judgment, or trial, and much more. We have included the opening of the resource here to paint a clearer picture:

“There’s no way around it: litigation is expensive. For business owners, costly legal fees can quickly sink their business, jeopardizing their livelihood and families’ welfare in the process, too. What’s more, business lawsuits are often very drawn-out and public affairs, adding an extra layer of stress to the debacle.

This is why knowing how the business lawsuit process works in New York state court is crucial to making it go as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Today, we’re going to dive into the process in-depth so that you can better prepare yourself in the event of a business lawsuit.”

In order to download and read The Business Owner’s Guide to Lawsuits in New York, simply click here and enter your email address. To speak with an experienced legal strategist, contact Canales PLLC. We are available for virtual consultations.

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